Cus­to­mer reference
Hirsch­mann Automotive

Sta­bi­li­ty and reliability:
Hirsch­mann Auto­mo­ti­ve cen­tra­li­se SAP prin­ting processes

The cus­to­mer

Hirsch­mann Auto­mo­ti­ve GmbH has been working to advan­ce the auto­mo­ti­ve indus­try for over 50 years. In doing so, move­ment and safe­ty on the road are the top prio­ri­ties for the com­pa­ny, which is based in Rank­weil, Vor­arl­berg, Aus­tria. Fle­xi­bi­li­ty, relia­bi­li­ty and inno­va­ti­on are the hall­marks of Hirsch­mann Auto­mo­ti­ve, which employs 4,900 peop­le at 6 loca­ti­ons world­wi­de. The pro­ducts of the Auto­mo­ti­ve busi­ness unit, such as plug-in, con­ta­c­ting and sen­sor sys­tems as well as spe­cial cable solu­ti­ons and plastic over­moul­ding tech­no­lo­gies, are deve­lo­ped in rese­arch coope­ra­ti­ons with renow­ned vehi­cle manu­fac­tu­rers and tes­ted in the company’s own test labo­ra­to­ry, which has made Hirsch­mann one of the lea­ding and reli­able part­ners of the auto­mo­ti­ve indus­try. The pro­ducts inclu­de distance warning sys­tems…, which are used under the most extre­me con­di­ti­ons and in high­ly stres­sed areas.

  • Sec­tor Automotive
  • Task Cen­tral admi­nis­tra­ti­on of the SAP sys­tem via the head office
  • Top chal­len­ge Pro­blem-free prin­ting as well as high avai­la­bi­li­ty at all pro­duc­tion loca­ti­ons of ship­ping, pro­duc­tion and purcha­sing papers
  • Top bene­fit Trans­pa­ren­cy of prin­ting pro­ces­ses, reduction

The task

For simp­le tasks, employees at the for­eign loca­ti­ons should be assi­gned limi­ted rights to mana­ge prin­ters local­ly, such as for redi­rec­ting print jobs to other tar­get prin­ters at short noti­ce. Prin­ting from the SAP sys­tem was to be done direct­ly to the prin­ters without having to run through addi­tio­nal print ser­vers in order to incre­a­se the trans­pa­ren­cy of the print paths and ther­eby eli­mi­na­te pos­si­ble sources of error.

With the­se mea­su­res, Hirsch­mann Auto­mo­ti­ve wan­ted to redu­ce down­ti­me for trou­ble­shoo­ting, insta­bi­li­ties and the admi­nis­tra­ti­ve effort by 50%. The goal was a simp­le, sta­ble solu­ti­on that would func­tion reli­ab­ly and be fail-safe.

The solu­ti­on

The UniS­pool and Prin­Tau­rus solu­ti­ons alrea­dy in use could be easi­ly adap­ted to future requi­re­ments as part of this rest­ruc­tu­ring. UniS­pool – a print manage­ment sys­tem for hete­ro­ge­ne­ous net­works with its own spoo­ler – alrea­dy pro­ved its sui­ta­bi­li­ty for use in pre­vious years and was opti­mal­ly expan­ded with the Prin­Tau­rus manage­ment inter­face for SAP prin­ting. Prin­ting via WAN con­nec­tions to the for­eign loca­ti­ons was ori­gi­nal­ly the trig­ger for using AKI’s soft­ware: abso­lu­te sta­bi­li­ty, relia­bi­li­ty and per­for­mance dis­tin­guis­hed the solution.

In just a few minu­tes, the prin­ting envi­ron­ment of the loca­ti­ons in the uni­ver­si­ty pool is map­ped cen­tral­ly from Rank­weil – a time advan­ta­ge of about 70% for the IT depart­ment. The prin­ter models used are limi­ted to stan­dard models from only two manu­fac­tu­rers, which drasti­cal­ly sim­pli­fies admi­nis­tra­ti­on and redu­ces the cos­ts for prin­ter main­ten­an­ce by about 2/3. The prin­ters meet the requi­re­ments for Post­Script and net­work capability.

All docu­ments for HR, finan­ce, purcha­sing, ship­ping and pro­duc­tion papers are prin­ted from the cen­tral SAP sys­tem via the out­put manage­ment sys­tem UniS­pool direct­ly to the tar­get prin­ters at the loca­ti­ons, world­wi­de, without addi­tio­nal prin­ting paths. This led to more trans­pa­ren­cy in the tracea­bi­li­ty of docu­ments and redu­ced unne­cessa­ry sources of error.

In addi­ti­on, the device sta­tus of the tar­get prin­ters is visi­ble in UniS­pool at all times, which pre­vents pro­blems during prin­ting. Exact log­ging from UniS­pool about the prin­ting pro­ces­ses enab­les pre­cise verification.

“We would not want to do without AKI’s print manage­ment solu­ti­on. We were able to map the requi­re­ments for future com­pa­ny goals in a stan­dar­di­sed and reli­able way. Our prin­ting pro­ces­ses are now trans­pa­rent and trace­ab­le at all times, extre­me­ly reli­able and sta­ble even over WAN con­nec­tions. Prin­ter set-up pro­blems are a thing of the past. This has resul­ted in gre­at time savings and the cer­tain­ty that ever­ything is run­ning smooth­ly and securely.”
Her­mann Burtscher

Lea­der CoC SAP Basis, Hirsch­mann Automotive

The bene­fits

Gain trans­pa­ren­cy, sta­bi­li­ty and high reliability

  • Reduc­tion of error sources through direct prin­ting from SAP to the tar­get printers
  • Trans­pa­ren­cy and tracea­bi­li­ty through log­ging of the prin­ting processes
  • Time savings of 70% through uni­form and stan­dar­di­sed prin­ting envi­ron­ment of all locations
  • Cost reduc­tion of 2/3 by limi­t­ing the num­ber of prin­ters to stan­dard models used throughout the company
  • Sta­bi­li­ty when prin­ting over WAN connections


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