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American Football
– American Football Team having huddle in match
© Kzenon #91456050

– Paraglider
© Friedberg #91588669

– Golfers shake hands with each other
© YakobchukOlena #113254566

– Relay race handing over
© mezzotint_fotolia #63983438

– Compass on the sailboat, detail
© sata_production #121237820

– Silhouettes of a young couple sitting in the yoga Lotus
© De Visu #88347157

– Woman musher hiding behind sleigh at sled dog race on snow in wi
© Sakharov Evgeniy #71591886

– Triathlet auf dem Fahrrad
© Stefan Schurr #43535209

– Schach spielen
© Peter Atkins #34866094

– Jumping snowboarder from hill in winter
© V&P Photo Studio #83068078

– Hockey players shoots the puck and attacks
© 103tnn #109036852

– Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave
© EpicStockMedia #96991165

– sailing regatta
© yanlev #106093415

Sprinting running woman – female runner training
© Maridav #71451043

– Rock Climber at Sunset
© mbolina #89622313

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