Smart printing management


The company AKI GmbH was founded in 1986 by Dr. Armin Knoblauch.
The head office of AKI GmbH is located in Würzburg. Two more development offices have been operating in Dresden since 2003 and in Berlin since 2008.

In July 2009 Martin Kellner became managing director of AKI GmbH.

In 2012, KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH will be participating in AKI GmbH in order to expand the existing solution portfolio.

When Martin Kellner retires in April 2020, Stephen Schienbein becomes the new managing director of AKI GmbH.

AKI GmbH has regarded itself as being a cross-manufacturer solution provider from the outset.
Based on a multitude of software modules (most of them in-house developments), our customers are supplied with individually programmed standard modules. Supplemented by a broad spectrum of services from inventory reviews and workflow optimisation, realisation and maintenance through to operating services, this allows us to focus specifically on the widely varying expectations and needs of our customers.

The most prominent line of products, known around the globe, is the PrinTaurus family, which supplies the solutions to the most diverse of customer requirements imaginable based on a modular architecture. Rooted in historically growing IT environments and stimulated by investment protection, calls from our customers for effective controls over the exploding complexity of their systems are becoming increasingly louder.

Resultant cost savings through uniform streamlining (harmonisation and automation) of operating processes, operative prevention and stability, as well as increasing security needs for the seamless protection of sensitive data, are the themes and contexts of a rapidly growing market that is served by AKI GmbH:

Print preparation – print monitoring/administration – distribution and feedback –
reporting/accounting – service packages along the entire value-added chain.

AKI’s solution portfolio brings together in a unique manner all different kinds of operating systems and infrastructures, applications like SAP®, as well as printer hardware landscapes and models including drivers from a large number of manufacturers.
These worlds can be monitored and controlled from one and the same user interface (e.g. from “DashBoard”) functioning as a control desk.

Martin Kellner has been the managing director of AKI GmbH since July 2009.
Founder and former associate partner of AKI GmbH, Dr. Armin Knoblauch, has meanwhile fully withdrawn from the company for age reasons.

AKI’s quality management system has been certified in compliance with ISO 9001-2008 since 2011.

Whereas the company’s sales activities are concentrated on Europe, particularly in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, today smaller, medium-sized and large companies all around the world, included DAX-listed companies, are valued customers of AKI GmbH.

Business model

Our theme is smart printing management – our business segments
are oriented to your requirements:

Software development
A motivated team for state-of-the-art print management solutions.

Individual all-in-one consulting, planning and adaptation from A to Z.

Software sales
Proprietary solutions and partner software – the best for you.

Our expert customer support team solves problems: Quickly, reliably and amicably.

We come to you – that makes things more effective and cheaper!