PDF Label Printing

From PDF docu­ment to prin­ted label

Prac­ti­cal case

The chal­len­ge is to print pre­cise­ly pre­de­fi­ned labels in busi­ness-cri­ti­cal pro­ces­ses. Eit­her for ship­ping with a logistics ser­vice pro­vi­der, for wareh­ousing or pro­duct regis­tra­ti­on. The data for the label is trans­mit­ted as a PDF and, in the best case, should be out­put direct­ly on a com­mon indus­tri­al label prin­ter, e.g. from SAP.

Chal­len­ges in detail

The labels and tags con­tain scan­n­ab­le codes (e.g. in the form of bar­codes), which must be posi­tio­ned on the label with mil­li­me­ter accu­ra­cy, sca­led to the respec­ti­ve for­mat without chan­ging the cor­rect pro­por­ti­ons and prin­ted in high reso­lu­ti­on. So much for the spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons of the ser­vice pro­vi­ders or processes.

The PDF tem­pla­tes for the label con­tain all the rele­vant infor­ma­ti­on that a “nor­mal” net­work prin­ter could print out without any pro­blems. But almost all label prin­ters can­not inter­pret PDF. The­se sys­tems only under­stand their own prin­ter lan­guage such as ZPL. Newer label prin­ters are able to print PDF direct­ly. This results in a new invest­ment in hard­ware, alt­hough the exis­ting sys­tems would still be usable in terms of sustainability.

It would the­re­fo­re be desi­ra­ble to have a solu­ti­on that is inde­pen­dent of the label prin­ters used and that con­verts PDF into a prin­ter lan­guage such as ZPL without data loss, sca­ling errors and for­mat limitations.


The PDF2Label soft­ware from AKI clo­ses pre­cise­ly this gap. This means that the PDF file is initia­ted as a print job via SAP, is sent via Prin­Tau­rus to the PDF2Label modu­le, which pre­pa­res the data for the label printer.

The advan­ta­ges at a glance

  • Sui­ta­ble for all PDF formats
  • Exact sca­ling to the paper size
  • Shif­ting of the coor­di­na­te axis possible
  • Sup­port of com­mon indus­tri­al label printers
  • Usable for all firm­ware versions
  • Imple­men­ta­ti­on of all reso­lu­ti­ons (DPI)
  • Invest­ment secu­ri­ty, as exis­ting prin­ter models can con­ti­nue to be used without the need to make com­pel­ling new purchases


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