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AKI thinks about the costs.
To keep the costs down, training takes place locally on your premises. This saves time and staff expenses. If you prefer, we can also conduct training courses and workshops here in Würzburg as well.

AKI trains your employees.
But don’t worry, it’s nothing major. Because our print management solutions are simply structured and easy to use from the outset, your employees will learn how to use them in record time.


AKI gives you something to take home.
Comprehensible printed documentation that should answer all your questions. Or where you can just look something up …

And afterwards?
If any questions or problems should arise, you can call our help desk with its friendly and competent staff. As our registered customers know, here is where they will find help quickly and without any complications.

Online Presentations

AKI regularly offers online presentations.

In these presentations, we give information on all aspects of print management. This can be a presentation of best practice examples or a live session regarding our PrinTaurus software.

In our online events we also show the innovations in our updates or explain the possibilities that support you in the administration and configuration of your printing environment.

Contact us if you would like to be invited to our online events!


Can I filter the list of print jobs for individualised viewing?
The “View filters” function can be used to set individually definable criteria for determining how print jobs are displayed in the PrinTaurus GUI.
When print jobs are re-routed to another printer, am I shown a corresponding message in SAP® ?
Yes. PrinTaurus reports the output of print jobs at another printer to the SAP®system to keep the SAP® user informed about their current whereabouts.
Can I view the content of a print file before it is actually printed?
You can look at print files in the PrinTaurus GUI using the integrated “Viewer”. However, some restrictions do apply to specially protected print files with sensitive content. These can only be viewed by the user who created the print job.
Do I need an extra SAP® account to declare and create new printers in the SAP® software?
No. All you need to create new printers in the SAP® software are a valid login account for PrinTaurus and the proprietary PrinTaurus user authorisation for the SAP® integration.
I have to migrate the print server to a new operating system. What do I do with the configured printers?
Use PrinTaurus to create a backup file for the entire printer configuration. Migrate your print server to the new OS and then just import the backup file after you have installed PrinTaurus. The printers are restored and created on the new print server – together with all your configuration settings – with the aid of the backup file.
How can I effectively cut down the costs of our print management?
Our PrinTaurus solutions enable you to ideally distribute print jobs throughout your printer landscape. Smart analysis tools supply precise data for pinpointing and eliminating cost generators.
How can 60 SAP® applications be brought together under one roof?
Administration of multiple systems with just one tool? Despite non-standardised configurations? That’s what we from AKI can offer you, as our tool administers all the SAP® servers. Single point of administration.
How can 180,000 print jobs be administered every day? How can I keep an eye on everything?
PrinTaurus features smart search tools and filters for working with those print jobs that are really of interest.
How can I protect myself against complaints like “The printer won't print!”
You’re familiar with the situation: The user is interrupted in his work, triggers print jobs several times over, causes other problems and unnecessary printouts. This can all change. The help desk can immediately identify and solve the problem from a central point of control, e.g. with preconfigured fallback printers.
How do confidential documents stay confidential when they are printed?
Are confidential documents left lying forgotten in the output tray of a printer in a hospital or at a doctor’s surgery? That won’t do! Solution: Our secure print function. Documents are not printed until the user has entered the appropriate authentication at the printer.
Is there a solution for different platforms?
Of course. Totally different and awkward-to-use tools for spooler management are now obsolete. This is our solution: A standardised print management system for all conventional Unix platforms. With the same look-and-feel as Windows print servers.
Why do printing costs rise after the holiday period?
Any employee can create cost-intensive printouts (colour prints, photographs). AKI solution: Print quotas definitively regulate who is allowed to print how many pages at which printer.
How can I install the latest drivers for 5,000 printers?
Quite simply and automatically. New printer drivers can be installed on large numbers of print servers, where they can then be automatically kept up to date! How does that work? With our solution: Compatibility checks for printer drivers. Automatic and scheduled distribution and installation of the verified drivers on your print servers.
Where is the SAP® print job?
Without a print management system, SAP® users don’t get any feedback at all. Has the document been printed or not? Should I print it again? We’ve changed this: Printers actively notify the SAP® application when documents have been successfully printed using the AKI software.
Do I need expensive staff training for PrinTaurus?
No, because lengthy training causes excessively high ancillary costs! Our software is based on the look-and-feel of Microsoft products, which accelerates familiarisation and effectively minimises the need for training. Training sessions are individually adapted to the requirements of the customer’s network and are conducted locally.