Maximum visibility and control

PrinTaurus Commander

PrinTaurus Commander is our scalable, cross-platform and manufacturer-neutral software solution: Administration and configuration, controlling and accounting, all without the usual stress. It’s not a rigid solution, but is tailored to your very own network specifications and individual requirements.

Trendsetting · Secure · Powerful

  • Simple management, monitoring and configuration of all printers and queues in your network
  • Effective control: Status of printers and print jobs, configuration of print servers
  • Individual user management: Assignment of individual permissions for print files, etc.
  • Maximum security for confidential printing – tap-proof. On the Web as well!
  • Automated data backups with a smart backup concept
  • Local installation in record time – minimum invasiveness
  • Intelligent and easy to handle driver management
  • Minimised time and costs for help desk and administration
  • Transparent functions, many of them self-explanatory
  • Microsoft certification

PrinTaurus for SAP®

PrinTaurus for SAP® is a sophisticated and effective solution for print management in SAP® environments. AKI takes charge of your print management tasks in the SAP® application, delivering maximum comfort and reliability. At last you can now actively receive information about where your print jobs are, and you can manage your printer configurations and print servers without any extra, time-consuming training.

AKI optimizes your print management for SAP® applications – a global leader for discerning customers.

Simple administration • Effective • Enhanced productivity

  • Precise status reports on your print jobs and printers within the SAP® application
  • Easy and fast configuration of output devices for SAP® applications in PrinTaurus
  • Improved security with dedicated assignment of user permissions in the SAP® application and PrinTaurus
  • Maximum protection for your confidential documents with print job encryption
  • Less traffic for LAN/WAN networks with compressed print jobs; outsourcing the print management to PrinTaurus reduces the load on SAP® software CPUs
  • Standardized printer configuration in all SAP® applications
  • Full integration for SAP® printing
  • Verified print routes with a perfectly organized printing environment
  • Convenient and automatic installation of printer drivers in networks
  • On-site installation in record time – with minimum intrusion
  • SAP® certification

PrinTaurus Smartspread

PrinTaurus SmartSpread makes mapping printers much more simple, and thus also enhances the functional capability of PrinTaurus Commander. End users can easily and reliably manage their printing environment, while administrators can set up automatic mechanisms to gain time for more important tasks.

PrinTaurus SmartSpread • Manage the easy way! – AKI develops solutions for discerning customers.

A high availability concept ensures that users are always able to print at their printing devices. The same configuration as the one on the master print server is automatically kept readily available on backup servers. These so-called server clones take over the spooling should a problem arise.

Fail-safe • transparent • simple

  • Flexible – privileges for specific printing devices
  • Transparent – intuitive graphical user interface
  • Simple – drag & drop management
  • Reliable – high availability with server farms
  • Printer follows user – printer availability dependent upon the workplace
  • Economical – save worktime through automated printer mapping to users and user groups


In combination with the PrinTaurus user interface, UniSpool offers one of the most powerful and easy-to-use output management solutions for Unix-based systems. As UniSpool itself is based on Unix, it is particularly suitable for inhomogeneous printing environments and operation systems.

In addition, it fullfills all important demands on output mangement solutions:

  • Central point of administration – Even in decentralised organisations
  • High-performance – Efficient handling of large amounts of print files
  • Convenient search operations – Finding errors and files quickly
  • Individual customisation – Adaption to existing network and company structures
  • Gaining time – Using automated mechanisms, standardised configurations and self-explanatory functions

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