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Practical case

The challenge is to print precisely predefined labels in business-critical processes. Either for shipping with a logistics service provider, for warehousing or product registration. The data for the label is transmitted as a PDF and, in the best case, should be output directly on a common industrial label printer, e.g. from SAP.

Challenges in detail

The labels and tags contain scannable codes (e.g. in the form of barcodes), which must be positioned on the label with millimeter accuracy, scaled to the respective format without changing the correct proportions and printed in high resolution. So much for the specifications of the service providers or processes.

The PDF templates for the label contain all the relevant information that a “normal” network printer could print out without any problems. But almost all label printers cannot interpret PDF. These systems only understand their own printer language such as ZPL. Newer label printers are able to print PDF directly. This results in a new investment in hardware, although the existing systems would still be usable in terms of sustainability.

It would therefore be desirable to have a solution that is independent of the label printers used and that converts PDF into a printer language such as ZPL without data loss, scaling errors and format limitations.



The PDF2Label software from AKI closes precisely this gap. This means that the PDF file is initiated as a print job via SAP, is sent via PrinTaurus to the PDF2Label module, which prepares the data for the label printer.

The advantages at a glance

  • Suitable for all PDF formats
  • Exact scaling to the paper size
  • Shifting of the coordinate axis possible
  • Support of common industrial label printers
  • Usable for all firmware versions
  • Implementation of all resolutions (DPI)
  • Investment security, as existing printer models can continue to be used without the need to make compelling new purchases

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