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Practical case

In many companies SAP® is a central system for daily business. Often several SAP® systems are used for the different departments to support the employees in their tasks. Among other things, production plans, shipping labels or delivery notes are generated from the SAP® system, which must be printed out in the respective departments.

However, if an error occurs here and the print job is not printed out in time, the entire workflow comes to a standstill. Trucks cannot be loaded, deliveries cannot be completed and dispatched.

The helpdesk then receives a ticket and has to search for the cause: Is the problem already during data generation in SAP® or only during transfer to the print server or at the printer itself? Since the necessary information for a quick and targeted analysis is often missing, the correction of the error can be a lengthy process.


Challenges in detail

Output devices are defined on the SAP® systems, which must be logically linked to printer queues on the respective print servers. If incorrect assignments are made here or if a print server cannot be reached, the print request is stuck.

The feedback from SAP® that the user receives only states that the job is out of SAP®, but does not allow any conclusions as to whether the document has really arrived in the printer tray.

SAP® printouts are often time-critical. Delays or even unmarked test pages cause expensive wrong deliveries and additional costs.

The time-consuming administration of output devices and printer queues considerably increases the workload and the effort required for communication between the various teams in the IT department, since the different platforms have different responsibilities.

Reliable feedback and transparency over the entire printing process could help here.


The advantages at a glance

  • Transparency through proactive monitoring of the entire print path
  • SAP® certified interface BC-XOM
  • SAP® certified interface S/4HC-ES-PRINT-OMS
  • Support of all print access methods
  • All operations of the BC-XOM interface are supported
  • Reliable feedback of the printer status from SAP®
  • Maximum security through high availability
  • Connection to the Active Directory in accordance with Microsoft security specifications
  • Relief of the IT department and user helpdesk & increase of service quality
  • Satisfied users and customers
  • Single-Point-of-Control for Windows, Unix and SAP®
  • Encrypted and compressed data transmission
  • Support of additional printing options, e.g. printer tray selction, label printing and barcodes


Especially for printing in SAP® environments, AKI provides a central tool that gives Microsoft and SAP® administrators and the helpdesk transparency over the entire printing environment. This allows rapid troubleshooting and direct error correction.

Configuration, administration and operation of the SAP® print infrastructure and connected print servers is done from one graphical user interface. Output devices are set up simultaneously on several SAP® systems, connections between the output devices on the SAP® systems and the selected target queue are checked for functionality and settings of LOMS and ROMS are managed.

Confirmations about the print status are reliably sent directly to the SAP® systems. For critical print processes, the high availability of print functionality from the SAP® systems can also be ensured.

In addition, the software helps to clearly identify test pages by means of watermarks so that there is no confusion with productive printouts.

The encrypted transmission of output requests ensures maximum security. In addition, the data can be compressed – an important criterion in the case of several locations with decentralized printing, but with limited bandwidth.

Additional printing options, such as printer tray selection or label printing and the integration of barcodes into the data stream, are possible without additional tools or complex scripts.

Product Brochure

For more information about PrinTaurus for SAP®, please refer to our product brochure (PDF)

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