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The real-life scenario

As one of the core technical processes in hospitals, printing is often time-consuming and challenging. The multitude of printer manufacturers and specialist programs, strict legal requirements and people who rely on properly produced printouts make the process of responsibly administering and managing such an environment difficult and time-consuming.

Linking printers to the users with the hospital information system and the respective specialist applications is one of the main challenges in day-to- day practice. How do doctors and nurses always get connected to the closest printer without having to give it another thought? How can we ensure that the forms used in the hospital information system are printed correctly? How can we prevent misprints caused by operator errors? How can we ensure that the printing process is secure and guarantee high availability? These are just a few of the questions that IT departments have to deal with on a daily basis.


The challenges are in the details

The number of printer queues multiplies dramatically in the hospital environment due to the large number of employees, local workstations and specialist applications with specific printing requirements. This means that administrators are faced with the challenge of maintaining an overview of the print landscape, keeping the drivers for the individual device manufacturers up to date, and allocating the printers to the individual employees simply and effectively.

  • A large number of individual print queues, making a centralized management approach difficult
  • No overview of the individual configurations or the print infrastructure
  • Modifications should, ideally, be made independently of the hospital information system
  • Forms are assigned to printers or paper trays locally at the workstation
  • Time-consuming troubleshooting
  • Risk of user errors – misprints due to selecting the wrong print queue
  • High availability for print servers or individual printer locations
  • Major manual effort when switching between printer manufacturers

Advantages at a glance

  • Manage and monitor the whole environment from a single interface
  • Automatically assign print queues to end users
  • Automated printing processes and high availability reduce manual workload
  • Reduces the burden on end users by reducing the number of misprints
  • End users can access printers for HIS forms via a single printer queue
  • Simple and secure rollout of new hardware
  • Secure and encrypted data transmission
  • Cross-vendor solution that protects your investments
  • Interfacing with different hospital information systems possible
  • Reduces printing-related service tickets

The solution

We offer a printing solution that has been tailored to the precise  requirements and needs of hospitals so that hospital staff can  concentrate on their core task – saving lives and caring for patients.

  • Overview and security for IT departments
    PrinTaurus for Healthcare gives you an overview of your entire print landscape. No matter whether you print from Microsoft print servers or SAP and specialist applications, everything can be managed transparently from a single graphical user interface. The management and administration of printers can be automated, print drivers can be updated easily, and adjustments can be made quickly and centrally. Printing processes can be automatically backed up and configured to ensure high availability.
  • Simplify printing from disparate hospital information systems
    Only one printer queue per user to enable them to configure form settings, thus reducing the time and effort required for administration and distribution by a factor of 10.
  • Satisfied end users
    Using printers is dramatically simplified for end users. All of the users are automatically connected to the printers they need for their day-to-day work. The printer follows the user from workstation to workstation. The reduction in the number of printer queues required for end users makes it easier for them to select the right printer.

Product Brochure

For more information about PrinTaurus for Healthcare, please refer to our product brochure (PDF)

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